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Notjenny vs. Catzilla

Not Actually Jenny
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PhD candidate and bellydancer (in that order) living in the prettiest teeny historical village in Dublin. Currently dividing my time between digging through my vast pile of photocopies, reading approximately 40 million blogs (many entirely unrelated to my field of study), teaching my mum and my aunt to bellydance, growing potatoes, yelling at my laptop screen, and drinking vast amounts of coffee, preferably served with gossip and cappuccino fluff. Of late I've been having some difficulty keeping my use of emoticons within reasonable limits. If you need me and can't find me, chances are I'm with manic_deadpool or sea_of_tethys, or alternatively under the nearest cat.

I got me a BA in English and Linguistics; this is what entitles me to use constructions like "I got me". In early December 07 I wrestled the piece of paper with my degree on it out of the hands of our college president. In 2008 I made it out of my gender studies MA with my sanity (for the most part) intact, and am now the proud author of an impenetrable thesis on Harawayan cyborg theory and Muslim women's autobiography (no, really). Currently working on a PhD that involves much hanging around Irish blogspace muttering about n-cliques. This isn't really an academic blog, though (I started it in my first year of college to talk about Mary Sues with my best mate), so please don't expect anything too brainy!

Eirospace is the brainchild of the mad genius ambross, and sadly bears no relation to my real life...