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Notjenny vs. Catzilla

Hey Jenny, 2005 is calling, they say they have an old meme of yours

Not Actually Jenny


Hey Jenny, 2005 is calling, they say they have an old meme of yours

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Memegen is back from the grave! Huzzah! It went out of business for several years there, if I'm not mistaken.

Random Fanfiction Generator by jennyanydots21
The Reviled Author's Name
Character OneJustin Finch-Fletchley
Character One issecretly gay
Character One is alsomechanically-minded
Character TwoMadam Pomfrey
Character Two isthe spawn of Voldemort
Character Two is alsowearing leather
Plot Device OneCharacter One makes the cover of Witch Weekly
Plot Device TwoA rash of teenage pregnancies cause Dumbledore to take unexpected measures
Genre OneSuspense
Genre TwoAction/Adventure

This makes me unreasonably happy.
  • Woooo! This should be fun.
  • Isn't that how Shades of Gr(e/a)y [don't know, don't care] all started?

  • Hi old timer,

    Just passing through, rummaging in the virtual attic. My AOL mailbox has 389 "new" messages; I guess I should read them! Logged in to Leaky Caudron after three years off. Plugged in some old URLs, and viewing the remainder of the Potterverse as it was... the hype, the flaky fanfics, the midnight book sales. I find it hilarious that now, at this late date, ol' JKR finally agrees with me that it should have been Harry/Hermione, the ship of "delusional" fans...

    Hoping all is well with you. Cheers --
    Mike Nimbus1944 NY
    • Hey Nimbus! Great to hear from you, and congratulations on being vindicated after all these years! JKR loves to stir the pot, doesn't she. My pet theory is that she's dying to return to the Potterverse, maybe gearing up to write a few books set twenty years on, in which Harry and Hermione have realised they made a terrible mistake, and A New Threat Looms...

      Hope all things are well with you!
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