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Notjenny vs. Catzilla


Not Actually Jenny



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Passed my driving test today! So happy and relieved.

I passed my theory test in 2008 and did a few lessons around then, but was fairly hamstrung by my own nerves and the fact that it's a completely different type of learning from anything I've done previously. I've been taking lessons solidly for the past two years, and made two attempts on the test this year. Despite the fact that I've been studying for one thing or another since I started secondary school, I can honestly say that no single qualification has cost me so much time and effort to get.

Of course, nothing else I've ever studied has been such a potentially lethal activity, so it's probably fair.

I may go and collapse on the couch for a while now.
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  • And I say again: woot woot!
  • Congratulations! This one is huge, so take some time out to kick back and revel in your success and enjoy the results of all of that had work!! And remember, never let your licence expire for so long that you have to do the bloody thing again!!!!! :-)
  • Well done again :)
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