Not Actually Jenny (jennyanydots21) wrote,
Not Actually Jenny

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That isn't a cat toy

Shortly after going to bed last night I became vaguely aware of rustling noises over by the door, where the laundry-on-the-way-to-the-laundry-basket was waiting, and SNARR GROWL GRARR thing happening. Got out of bed to see what the problem was and found our small house guest valiantly protecting me from the dire threat of clothes in need of a wash; she was growling and sort of wrestling with my bra.

This being Do Not Want, I escorted the laundry to where it should have gone, if I hadn't been lazy while going to bed (the laundry basket is at the other end of the flat, in fairness), and brought back an old tea towel and a cardboard toilet roll tube for kitteh to play with. These seemed satisfactory, because she kept herself busy by killing them for the next couple of hours.

I take it this means she's feeling better.
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