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Notjenny vs. Catzilla

Small news and big news

Not Actually Jenny


Small news and big news

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Tatty has been released from quarantine (the ensuite) and given (temporary) access to my bedroom, upon proof that her coat is free of nasties (it is) and that she can use the litter tray responsibly (she can). This has meant I can use that bathroom again (yay!) and that kitteh has pledged her undying love to me. She wants nothing more than to wind around my feet purring, and promising that she would follow me to the end of the world, except that that would mean going out in the corridor and she's Not Allowed Out There.

It's highly adorable, and hilarious, except that it means I have to walk in BIG GIANT STEPS around the room to avoid treading on her.

As of Friday night, myself and manic_deadpool decided to sign up for an expensive party and a mutually disadvantageous legal contract, by which I mean we got engaged. We're tentatively thinking of sometime next spring for the big day.

Am very happy. :-)
  • That is simultaneously the least romantic and best engagement announcement I have seen.
    Congratulations again!
    • Thank you very much! I'm also quoting from the proposal, as it happens ;-)
      • Oh my god!! I can't believe that was the "also also" part of the LJ post!!!!!!!!

        Congratulations to you both! I'm really happy for you. Awwww, and I'm just happier for the world, isn't romance wonderful!!! Yey!!
    • L
    • Well, you know me - I'm all about the cats. (Also there was quite a lot of Facebooking about it, and I didn't want to take up all the bandwidth, so I thought I'd be subtle :-)

      And thank you! Heehee.
  • I'm all about the kitteh and her adorableness ... and no treading on her, that would shake her trust in humanity and limit my pettings!

    Engagement, pfft, that's so last weekend.
  • You have a kitteh in the apartment? Yay! We can coordinate so we don't end up getting married on the same day...
    • We should definitely coordinate! Kitteh is temporary, she's being fostered while she's getting her meds so won't be around long.
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