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Notjenny vs. Catzilla


Not Actually Jenny



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Good weekend, overall. Rocky Horror on Friday night went very well - good crowd, good atmosphere, lots of fun people, lots of effort put into costuming. Usual small annoyances from staff; seems that the people who do the least work do the most yelling and throwing of weight around (one cast member in particular is particularly bad for this). But generally fun. Hard to believe it's been five years!

Went over to my folks last night to do dressing up and giving out of sweeties to children. Wore my conference-attending suit, plus cat ears and collar with bell (left over from kitty rights protest). Small children had no problem being served sweets by Business Cat but parental household cats were very, very unimpressed.

Baby walked into the sitting room where I was reading my book, between trick-or-treaters, and stopped and stared with an appalled expression on her face, for a whole minute (no exaggeration). When I stood up she went MARP and ran out of the room at 30mph, as they do. I settled back down and realised a couple of minutes later that she was peering at me from behind the couch. Again, she ran away when I went towards her; two minutes later she was back peeping out again. Maybe it was the cat ears? Got the same treatment from Chippy and Sam later on - full-on WTFing - although they weren't quite as freaked out. (Tempted to experiment a bit more with the cat ears and the Island cats...)

Also carved a very cool pumpkin, if I do say so myself ;-)
  • We are the oldest, wisest Rockyettes in the business. Or it certainly feels like we are. Did you get a picture of yourself as Business Cat? Cause I'd love to see it. And I'll have to find some cat ears & try them out on Patch. Let us know how your Island cat experiments go!
    • Believe it or not, I've got spare cat ears if you want a go :-D And yes, my folks got some pictures although I don't have them back yet - will stick them up when I get a chance!
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