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Daily Not-Entirely-Fail, and Oops

So a week or so ago, the Irish Daily Mail ran a story on non-native species and how they negatively affect Irish wildlife - hilariously typical Daily Mail stuff. Illegal immigrants are killing our fauna (and probably giving you cancer too)! They ended with "There is one animal which is a great danger to our wildlife: the domestic cat, which kills countless birds each year. It also can go wild and spread into the countryside. Can the authorities explain why it is not on the banned list?"

The cat fans on the feral cat Facebook group I follow obviously weren't impressed with this, so two of them wrote letters to the letter page, one of which detailed the TNR project. The Daily Mail printed them both, with a large picture of a cat as an illustration. For a horrible right-wing rag that was pretty cool of them, under the circumstances.

In other news, I went down to feed the basement kitties around midnight last night, as I do, and had five show up - my usual three, and two pet cats who tagged along to see what the scéal was. One of the pets is a very cute fellow called Melbourne belonging to a couple that live in a ground floor flat, so gets to tootle in and out a lot and plays chasing with one of my strays (which is good - makes it hard for people to complain that the strays are making life difficult for pets!)

Anyway, I had come back up and was heading off when Melbourne's owner started calling him from their front window. So I waved to him, and he waved back.

And THEN I realised (I have crap eyesight and was distracted by cats pursuing me) that he was stark naked. I'm assuming he didn't expect there to be many people wandering around at that hour... I strode off purposefully, pretending nothing was out of the ordinary, but thinking "Our next conversation may be a bit awkward". Still, if you're going to call your cats in in the nude, perhaps you're accustomed to this kind of thing happening.
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