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Notjenny vs. Catzilla

And the cat came back!

Not Actually Jenny


And the cat came back!

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Henry was back down having lunch when I went to feed the cats this morning. Still cross with me - hid behind the bikes - but looks more mobile anyway. Very glad I didn't scare him off permanently.

We may try the vet thing again (a bit more surreptitiously) if he's not too jittery in a few days, but will leave him be for now.

There must be some sort of cat hideyhole in the complex somewhere. Curious to find out where it is now...
  • Yay for the cat!

    Can you lure him into a cat box with food?
    • We'll probably try with a cat trap - the lady who does all the TNR (trap, neuter and return) in our area is good about loaning her one, and it can sometimes be the only way you can capture a sick or injured cat... as I think we proved. (It's like a big cat box with a door that closes behind them on the way in.) Henry's been neutered, though, which means he's been in the box before and might be too wary to get caught a second time!

      He's looking well - eating, and getting in and out of the car park where they sleep without too much trouble, so we might not need to take him to the vet - I'm a bit reluctant to try unless he starts to look very off-colour again. But we'll keep an eye out!
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