November 30th, 2010


White Screen of Death vs. White Sky O'Doom...

So, my paper is mostly written*. However, due to inclement weather conditions, we may or may not have our keynote speaker, as she has to come over from Lancaster and there's a question mark over what will happen at the airport over the next few days. (How does Canada or any other land of frequent snow manage? Are we just really bad at this stuff?)

Why does this happen whenever I have anything to do with a conference? Last time it was a volcano, now this. I am the Typhoid Mary of conferences.

In other snow-related news, our local stray kittehs are not happy about the snow - for obvious reasons. Momma and Baby have taken to spending the whole time in our underground carpark, where some kind person (not me - don't know who the other cat feeders are, but there seem to be a few around the complex) has set up a bed in a cardboard box for them by the bike racks. I've taken to feeding them there rather than in the bushes by the ramp, which are currently full of snow. A third cat has been mooching around and I'm almost positive he's also a stray, so have made another shoebox bed for him (don't want him hassling Momma and Baby).

Every morning I go down convinced that they'll have frozen solid, but so far they're cheerful enough - they do wear little furry coats, after all.

Also! We had lovely guests over at the weekend and it was awesome.

*It requires tidying and extending and trimming and more long words and Powerpoint slides and basically everything doing to it. But the backbone is there.
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