November 17th, 2010


Must... resist... urge to comment

to =/= too
board =/= bored
banned =/= band
they're =/= their =/= there
ill =/= i'll
were =/= we're

Any more? These are the most common ones I've seen on FB lately.

worst =/= worse
you're =/= your (thanks tatty_tigermoth)
then =/= than (aaaaargh! Pet hate!)
peak =/= pique =/= peak (thanks sea_of_tethys - why are people using these words at all if they can't tell how to spell them?)
less =/= fewer (okay, I probably would say this if I was in a hurry, but hopefully wouldn't write it down)
we're wolves =/= werewolves (wow, really? Thanks elethomiel)