September 2nd, 2010


News in brief

Some of my friends have been having a very hard time of it lately. Just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you guys and your families. *hugs*

Last weekend at the Gathering was on balance* good fun - will get around to a proper recap at some point soon, fingers crossed. Have spent most of the last two days sleeping and doing laundry.

Got home on Tuesday morning to bellydance-related hassle: short version, I'll be dancing in the Kilmainham Arts Festival this Saturday, and will be doing three times as much as previously planned. This has required some unexpected work. Fingers crossed again.

*Minor problems include having a twingey knee all weekend - this has failed to respond to my usual cure for exercise-induced sore muscles (teaching a bellydance class). Not painful enough to go to the doctor, although I may look into getting some physio in the next while as I think it's part of an ongoing thing, but just enough to cramp my style. Very annoying.
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Tales from the weekend

Heard a couple of stories at the Gathering that I thought might be of amusement value to non-LRPers, so thought I'd put them up here (with interpretive notes)...

So, in the queue for the (excellent) coffee I was eavesdropping on the conversation between the people behind me, one of whom was a lady dressed as a rather scary shaman-type person. She was carrying a massive bone club and had an unpleasantly realistic rubber eyeball (complete with optic nerve) hanging around her neck. According to her friend (recounting to a third person a story that had happened the previous day), the lady in question also has missile weapons in her arsenal - they're squishy so they don't actually hurt, and they come in various forms, such as little wibbly-centred throwing knives, or the sack of foam bricks that I saw on one person (Lester the Jester?), or the throwing pies that one of the traders was selling. They (mostly) do the default type of damage - "normal" - which counts for one point, and which you shout as you throw them.
Apparently Shaman Lady's preferred missiles are latex brains, and the previous day when she had thrown one of these into the fray and shouted "Normal!", the monster she'd hit responded bemusedly with "That's not normal!"

In related news - and I'm sure this is an old story to many people, but it's new to me - I was woken up by the local flock of geese at about 6am one of the mornings. They're loud and it sounded like they were right outside the tent. Apparently they're affectionately known as "the Harm Geese" because the noise they make does sound remarkably like someone calling "Harm!" - it's another damage call, and a fairly hardcore scary one.
Supposedly on one occasion an angry referee marched out of Game Control demanding, "All right, who's doing all that harm?", and had to be informed that the geese had just gone overhead...