August 11th, 2010


Not to criticise how you're running your terrorist organisation, but

So apparently the IRA has threatened convicted rapist and suspected serial killer Larry Murphy with violence if he tries to return to his hometown of Baltinglass.

I am singularly unimpressed that an organisation that's taken the lives of countless innocent men, women and children couldn't arrange for one horrific monster to meet with an unfortunate accident in the showers during his ten-year stretch in Arbour Hill. It'd be a deeply patriotic act! Would save the Irish taxpayer thousands of euro in prison upkeep and Garda surveillance overtime, and might even save a few lives. [Please note laying on of sarcasm with trowel]

Neither am I too happy about the suggestion of exporting our serial killers to the UK (as if we needed another illustration of the IRA being illogical, selfish morons). However, if it's a violation of the terms of his parole that gets him back behind bars to serve the rest of the sentence that he so thoroughly earned, I'm all for it.

I am basically disgusted with my whole country's lame-duck response to this case. The only sensible response, from the Rape Crisis Centre, is that the prison remission system has to be overhauled to try and prevent reoffending. I worry that it'll come too late, though.
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