July 5th, 2010


I came, I saw, I monstered

Have neglected this LJ sorely over the last few months. Must try to do better. Come back, blog! All is forgiven! Hopefully I'll get back to regular LJ service soon - I suspect part of the problem was being expected to keep an academic blog last term for college purposes, which was not enormously fun or conducive to writing about things.

I thought that my first LRP event after four years of going out with an avid LRPer probably could do with being documented; I know that not everyone is keen on it, but I've had quite a few people seem genuinely interested in how I got on, so will put some thoughts down here.

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So the TL:DR summary: despite a few bad moments, which were mostly before I got the hang of things, I had a lot of fun and would probably do it again, even if it's only on a casual basis. I think I owed it to Brian to see what all the fuss was about and I'm glad I gave it a shot.

In other news

I ordered this guy a month or two back from Etsy seller Lady Lindsay's Creations. He's hand-crocheted, and she's also done a custom Cyclops for cradok which I haven't yet opened but looks very cute in the photos.

Also news from this weekend: we stopped by Conwy Castle on the drive back to Holyhead, at about half past 11. It's unbelievably dramatic and pretty at night. Must go back and see it when it's open sometime.
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