December 15th, 2008



Not much exciting to report... I have to say I'm enjoying unemployment much more than is probably healthy. (Interspersed with bouts of temping and various dancing and teaching gigs, though, so I'm not turning into a couch potato just yet.) Discovered this morning that my bank balance is much healthier than I was expecting - would like to imagine this is due to my hard work and good savings habits, but is probably more linked to the recent bout of flu (thankfully gone) that kept me from doing any Xmas shopping for a good while. :-P

Speaking of finances, I got a Laser card in the post from my bank the other day - unsolicited, as with psysquid. Was initially rather put off by this, and by the fact that they're canceling my standard card whether I decide to use the Laser function or not. It just feels that you should be allowed to choose the level of banking services you want to take on - as with most other businesses! - rather than having them dictate them to you. However, I have to admit it is rather handy, and I can probably swing the extra 2.50 euro a year...

Teaching is over for the semester - am rather sorry, it was great fun and I'm going to miss my students over the break. (Except for my mum, who I'd imagine I'll still be seeing!) Good news is that the school is hoping to run two classes next semester, a beginners and an improvers this time, if we get the numbers.

Slowly and frustratingly getting stuff together for a PhD proposal; we shall see how that goes. *fingers crossed* Not really feeling the Christmas spirit yet. Probably more house-decorating and drinking of mulled wine is required!

Oh, and some guys up at UCD did the whole Latin thingy and gave me a fancy piece of paper with my name on it last Monday...
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