November 25th, 2008


In which Karen proceeds to alienate a goodly section of her flist, probably

Got a temping job yesterday through my former agency, just a day's worth of cover for the regular receptionist in a quantity surveyor's, which was grand except for two things: a) the lack of anything to do (I answered two phone calls and got lots of cross-stitching done) and b) the fact that the boss, who was otherwise very nice, sat in his office smoking all morning and then went out in the afternoon, leaving the door open and allowing all the gathered smoke to filter into the room where I was sitting.
I had the beginnings of a slight cold when I went in yesterday - minor symptoms had been hanging around for a while but I thought maybe I was going to get lucky and fend them off - but it's now settled into a full-blown cold in my chest. I'm pretty positive the smoky office was the reason, because I get head colds all the time, but I haven't had a chest cold since fifth year, and this one is pretty gross. Went into town today to meet a friend of mine, and realised by the time I was well on the way out that my throat was closing up and I was nauseous and finding it difficult to breathe. It got better once I was out of the cold, but am still feeling pretty achy and ropey, and am facing the prospect of not going out again till it goes away or gets considerably warmer. Am cross.

The obvious question is whether I'm going to report the guy for activities that are illegal and made me ill into the bargain. To be honest, probably not. He was genuinely nice and I imagine his company has enough to deal with at the moment. Might ring up the agency and say it to them though - they could at least warn the next temp that goes in there.
Also, the next time some eejit lights up on the bus behind me (another delightful incident from today!), I have promised myself I'm going to pour a bottle of water over their head. Sadly I had no water bottle on me.

Smokers on my friends list or anybody reading this - seriously, get it together and quit. If you happen to live with non-smokers, doubly so. Sorry for being blunt, but I'm not in the mood to sugar coat things at the moment. It's vile. You may have lost your sense of smell and your awareness of how vile it is, but take it from me, it's tolerable when you're outside and things are well ventilated but horrible when it's trapped indoors.

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