September 9th, 2008


Long time no post...

Things I would like to post about - or even better, to have already posted about:

- post-thesis yayness (no results yet though)
- chocolate-making sprees involving cherry brandy and amaretto
- jobhunting
- dancing at the Dun Laoghaire festival, and hilarity ensuing
- getting-a-job squeeing, quickly segueing into second-week-of-job annoyance
- ZOMG not back at college this year, how'd that happen
- imminent bellydance teaching in Castleknock
- is it can be results time pls?

...and various other things. Might have to wait till I have lots and lots of time though. I neglected LJ in favour of returning my room to a semi-reasonable condition (yes, it did take several weeks of organisation). However, I can see my floor again! This is a triumph...

Hope you are all well!
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