August 10th, 2008


Wet wet wet

Yesterday, despite not being finished writing and still being pretty fluey, I went out to Francis Street to a workshop with Jim Boz, because hey, he's not here every day, and also I'd paid in advance :-P It was great, actually, although exhausting at about two hours - successfully shifted my head cold into my chest, I think. But he's terribly nice and a very good teacher. Has restored my faith in male belly dancers.

Anyway. Got caught in a minor deluge, or so I thought, on my way back - was absolutely soaked by the time I'd walked back into the city centre, and was feeling pretty ropey, so thought I'd get a taxi home... some of you are probably guessing what happened next...

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No doubt some of you are going "You call that weather? I'll show you weather!"... but still, this is about as bad as it ever gets here :-) Touch wood.
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