July 16th, 2008


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While I was standing in for the actress playing his daughter Princess Mary on Tudors today, Jonathan Rhys Meyers introduced himself to me and shook my hand. Thought that was quite nice of him. (autumnknees wins at the JRM endearments, though. :-D) Irritatingly, although I'm not all that prone to being starstruck (or particularly impressed by him as a Star with a capital S - he's just a bit too goofy for that), I completely blanked on anything else to say to him (we were sitting around for a good five more minutes), even to make polite conversation.

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We got let off today around 7 PM, and it struck me as weird, coming home, that I would consider a working day on Tudors as "getting off lightly" when I only had to get up at half 5 and work twelve hours (compared to my most recent days, which have been 4.30 AM starts and fourteen hour days). But I guess it beats the coal mine.
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