June 24th, 2008


Take my job - please

Well, it's not quite that bad, but am definitely feeling the after-effects of yesterday. Call-time at 6.30 meant I had to get up at half four, and we didn't finish filming until 8, which meant another two hours before I got home again. Long, long day, although I didn't feel particularly tired for most of it, and even managed a chapter or two of my book when I got into bed. Slept through my alarm this morning though - I must have turned it off in my sleep - and am rather groggy today. (Have mistyped the last sentence several times.)

Am looking forward to seeing pictures, though! autumnknees got some nice ones of us in Tudor garb, from Friday, and I think there are a few more floating around the internets. (Edit: I've found them! Check out a sneaky on-set picture with me and autumnknees, second and third from right, taken by the lovely Gene.) Am intrigued by developments in this series - there's a character or two that I can't identify. I think I'll have to actually watch this one when it comes out, rather than just fast-forwarding through to find people I know :-D

High points:
- Costuming and hair - much nicer than last year's, at least for me, although the big puffed sleeves kinda make me look like a prize-fighter at times, not so good.
- Giggling on set with autumnknees about props going wrong. Especially when one of the assistant directors tried a piece of the turkish delight from the platters decoratively being handed round (it was meant to be a party), and dramatically spat it out into the fireplace and shouted "For the love of god, don't eat the food!" Also, when one of the chandeliers dripped hot wax onto Jonathan Rhys Meyers' forehead... mean of us to laugh, but he survived the experience. (We were hoping the same thing would happen as the director walked under it, but no such luck... at least he might have done something it then. Apparently they don't know you can get non-drip candles)
- Getting to sit down during one long scene on Friday - you don't know how good this is unless you've stood for fourteen hours in a corset, ill-fitting shoes, and a dress that weighs about a stone
- Playing Chinese Whispers under umbrellas, in the pouring rain, in a Tudor dress... one of the more surreal experiences of my life (heehee! )
- Being on set, most of the time. It really is a very cool place. Also, the actors have been showing every appearance of being human, which is quite nice

Low points:
- The four-hour round trip commute - I really need to start driving
- Standing for fourteen hours in a corset, ill-fitting shoes, and a dress that weighs about a stone. No, really. (Thankfully they changed the shoes half-way through yesterday, and now they're slightly less ill-fitting)
- My middle toenail on my left foot threatening to detach due to the abovementioned ill-fitting shoes (so far, it has not)
- Having to be sociable with people that would usually be quite nice only you just don't have the energy any more
- Seeing the true definition of the term jobsworth demonstrated, in so many small, petty ways ("I'm sorry, that's an actor's chair; hold your skirt off the ground, no, further; put that camera away; those are the actors' sandwiches") - and not by the actors!
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Paul and Jen's wedding on Saturday was lovely - really nice to see two people so happy, and you guys sure know how to throw a party! Food was great, speeches were short and entertaining, and the night was danced away - can't wait to see the photos, especially the ones of the boys being Epic. (I would like to say for the record that Rickrolling word_maker at his own wedding was a bit cruel, if ingenious.) Also especially entertaining was the part where countess_dracul caught the bouquet twice: you do know that's legally binding now, right guys?

Seriously though, it was really a privilege to be there, and I'm so happy for the pair of you (Paul and Jen I mean :-D) - all my best wishes (and squeeings) to you both.

Edit: Also thanks to apocalypskorch for letting us stay on her couch, and to capn_plague for all the ferrying he did! Made travelling a whole lot easier!
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