June 19th, 2008


In other news

The cones are gone. And it wasn't even us. Current theory is that the Gardai took umbrage at them, which they were quite entitled to do, and confiscated them. The learner drivers are back now, which is great (as I'm shortly to become one of them, and would like to be able to drive around my own estate unencumbered by illegal traffic cones), but we're all still a little bit disappointed.

I was seduced into Chapters today, by...well, the knowledge that it was less than 100m away generally does it... and am now the proud owner of a biography on Nell Gwynne, who will shortly be taking the place of Flaubert. (Finally finished Edith Wharton last week, totally epic! Worse than the Lord of the Rings, although it was actually a pretty good read.) I love Chapters - am still laughing over the fact that they've taken out all the Tragic Life Stories from the Biography shelves and put them on another shelf labeled "Tragic Life Stories". Go on Chapters, tell it like it is!
Was also sorely tempted by a 19th-century ghost novel by Sheridan le Fanu set in Chapelizod, but worried that I'd have to persuade Brian to move out if I went for it. :-P Somebody in charge of the Classics section has a thing about locating really good, cheap copies of 19th-century horror fiction, and other random things you just don't find in other bookshops, which I wholeheartedly approve of.

(Unfortunately, they also have a genius for locating all the obscure, sometimes out-of-print books assigned to my courses, and putting reams of them on sale (usually for less than a fiver) immediately after the course ends. But I suppose you can't have everything.)
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