June 15th, 2008



For those of you who don't know, I live in a quiet little estate, in a square with a big green in the middle of it. Lately, the square has become particularly popular with learner drivers, who come here particularly to practice reversing around corners, the corner nearest our house being the best of the four for this purpose.

Now, as far as local social ills go, learner drivers are not the worst - they go slow and haven't run over anybody yet (as far as I know). However, the Local Busybody* has decided that such things are not to be allowed! and, since the corner in question is right opposite her house, has laid (a totally unauthorized) claim to it with a row of three traffic cones.

My mum, stumbling home from the Neil Diamond concert late last night, was seized with a fit of mischief, took one of the traffic cones, and moved it out to the middle of the green (I think with the sole intent of annoying the Local Busybody. Incidentally, I love my mother).

This morning at 10.00, when we looked out the front windows, IT HAD BEEN MOVED BACK.

Naturally, now the ante can only be upped. Current plots are:
- moving all the cones neatly and exactly two feet from their current positions
- moving all the cones to the opposite corner of the green
- taking a photo of the cones and putting them up for grabs on Jumbletown (with a note stating "Must be collected between 12 and 2 AM")

Any suggestions?

*I say "the", but there are actually several in the area, unfortunately. They have a tendency to complain loudly about things like local kids leaving rubbish around the place, then go away for a weekend leaving their burglar alarms to go off for hours on end. Meanwhile, my mum is the only person who ever actually picks up any of the rubbish on the green. (My sense of civic responsibility is somewhat less developed :-P)
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Self-twirling ice cream cone

Phew! No more need to actually turn the cone yourself - this one is battery-operated and thus saves lazy people from all that unnecessary wrist movement.

But why don't they invent a machine that'll eat the ice-cream for us itself? Or, we could just throw it straight into the bin - even more labour-saving!

(Check out the "customer" review on the Amazon site... this guy has done two reviews, both glowing, both of products made by this company. I smell an employee. Bad form, Kitsch'N'Fun.)
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Mah thesis weighs 5lb

Well, the notes that have gone into it, so far, weigh that much (part photocopies, part scribblings of my own). And that's just the theory so far. Thanks be that I will be looking at online stuff for much of that part, I've killed a lotta trees so far.

(Apologies for spamming your flists. It's been a slow day. Finally getting somewhere though, I think.)
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