June 13th, 2008


Billy Connolly and hangovers

My aunt and uncle got tickets for Billy Connolly at the Olympia Theatre for last night, but weren't able to go along, so they passed them on to my dad and me. (Mam hates Billy Connolly, for some reason.) He was fantastic, although we were sitting riiiight up the back of the theatre and could really only see the top of his head clearly, we were so high up. Amazing show, though, and long! The man's got stamina. We we in absolute stitches - he's so nice as well as being funny, which a lot of his colleagues in stand-up comedy can't seem to be able to manage. Occasionally politically incorrect, but nothing you couldn't let him away with.

Possibly my favourite line was an aside - about his sister telling him a story over the phone which made him laugh so much he fell on the bed. "I dropped the phone and it fell and broke this little table we have, from China. I was able to get it repaired, though, which made my wife even angrier than me breaking it because she hates it. I don't like the fucking thing much either, but the game must go on."

After Billy me and my dad went for a drink and some tapas, and I got a call from Mike (very old Mount Temple friend of mine) who was coming into town, so he came and joined us for a bit. My dad headed off and we went to look for another friend of ours, and more drinks were had, and long story short I got in at 6am. :-P I slept long enough to kick the hangover, which wasn't really that bad (worse because Mike made me an Irish coffee at around 4am in his kitchen - early morning caffeine bad, for once!), but the Rocky Horror tonight should be interesting...

Speaking of which, Rocky Horror tonight! Woooo!
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