June 4th, 2008



So, there were plans afoot for me to go back to the big semi-state company o'doom where I worked the last few summers, because they needed somebody to come in and do nebulous administrative things. I found out yesterday that this fell through, which I had mixed feelings about - I'm quite fond of the place, and the money is great, but it would have been quite a lot of work, even if it was part-time, and I should probably be concentrating on the thesis stuff (it's going slooooowly).

However, I got a call from the Tudors extras casting just there, asking me to come in for a costume fitting on Friday, which means potentially a couple of days work per week for the next few months - exactly what I was looking for.

(Asterisk is present because their keeping-track-of-employees skillz are not so l33t, as I found out last year. But still. This is a good start.)
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