May 25th, 2008


Text messages

I recently learned from a conversation with capn_plague and microgirl that I'm not the only person I know that records text messages rather than deleting them. Am interested in other people's texting habits now. Does anybody else do this? I only write down some texts, because life's too short to record the whole lot - just the ones that I find especially amusing or notable in some other way. (Some have come in useful for determining when certain events happened, so I think even for that purpose my experiment has come in useful.) They go into the book verbatim, down to the number of exclamation points and the exact time I received them, which is also sometimes interesting ("Why the hell did she send me that one at 3am?"). I started recording things when I was in fourth year, which means that I've got nearly seven years' worth of text now. Most of them still make sense to me, although a few of the early ones are now divorced of all meaning :-P Oh well...

Partly, the practice intrigues me because it strikes me that we're seeing a new genre of biography, or even autobiography, emerging. I can see the "text-books" of famous people being a big thing in publishing eventually. (This may just be because I wrote a rather hardcore essay on Dorothy Osborne's letters a week or two back, and haven't quite recovered from it yet :-P)

On a no-doubt-related note, the RSI in my arm is getting really bad again. Think I might need some physio for it, or possibly some time away from the internets...
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