May 20th, 2008


Eurovision hopes turn out to be just another turkey

Irlandia, nil points... And really, who didn't see it coming? That's what you get for sending out an awful song to be performed by a national in-joke. (Especially when that national in-joke is also a foul-mouthed puppet.)

Father Ted did a great service to this country with the My Lovely Horse episode... they effectively released us from ever having to be ashamed of performing poorly at the Eurovision Song Contest again, which all things considered is no bad thing. I have to admit to being kinda proud of Ireland's three-in-a-row track record, but I don't think anybody's national pride is going to be too seriously affected by another non-win.

(And no, I'm not apologising for the title; I'll be extremely surprised if the same pun doesn't show up in some form or another across all the Irish tabloids tomorrow.)
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