May 16th, 2008


Normalcy resumes

Realise I owe an update to all you nice people who commiserated with me over the loss of my purse... At the end of the day it did not show up, unfortunately, but replacing things was relatively painless. Bank card was easy (although it took a few days), student card cost me ten minutes and thirteen euro (which I can get reimbursed if I ever get around to filing a report with the Gardai about having been robbed, which I probably won't bother with), ALCID card was replaced without even any questioning (which makes me wonder idly how easy they'd be to fake, being made only with cardboard...?), so the only way in which I'm still inconvenienced is the student travel card. This one annoys me because it's so expensive in itself, and we really shouldn't have to pay for them at all - I don't want to have to buy the damn thing again for only a few more months, but it's really inconvenient not having it. Bah.

However, most of my worldly goods are back where they should be now, or replaced, and since the painters (finally!) got done, our house looks very nice and my room is once again livable. Many thanks to manic_deadpool for putting me up, and putting up with me, for a week while things were in uproar... it was good fun actually, involved lots of watching Carnivale and eating too many takeaways. I could have done without the Deep Heat attack though, my dear... Readers take note, it burns when applied to someone's upper lip. I shall have my revenge eventually though. Mwahaha.