May 4th, 2008



Met up with lightwarden today for a coffee (and also to receive a birthday present I wasn't expecting, from him and autumnknees - thank you guys!) in town. All was fine until I saw him safely to the cinema and went for a quick wander by myself after being momentarily interrupted by two of my GameSoc boys, who pretended to mug me (hilariously, or at least it was after my heart started beating again :-P).

Ironically, after they'd left me and I'd located a shop which sells A & W root beer (a very rare commodity on this side of the Atlantic!!), I found out I'd actually been robbed - and no, not by Rory and Daryn! My purse had disappeared out of my bag, along with my student card, student travel card, bank card, ALCID card (there goes any chance of visiting the DCU library for the next few days), my bus ticket (still with a few days on it) and worryingly, my bank details, as well as almost fifty euro cash. I realise I've lost some things due to absent-mindedness, but I'm pretty sure this time my bag was actually zipped shut, so somebody must have managed to open it and take my purse out.

Am feeling rather discombobulated at the moment - have been separated from a lot of my material things over the past while, after losing my bag o'stuff before Vaticon, admittedly through my own scattiness, and what with everything in my room parceled up to protect it from the painters. I'm much more annoyed about the inconvenience than the money - and no doubt there's some spiritual merit to having to give up the things you're attached to. But still. Bah.

(Edit: I forgot to mention that people are also very nice when you've been thieved from. The security guard in Penneys was tremendously helpful, and Rory and Daryn gave me bus-fare home... which made me feel like somebody's silly younger sister, but it was still very much appreciated :-D)

(Edit edit: Just in case anybody is interested in acquiring A & W root beer, they sell in it a Phillippine grocery on Mary Street called the Pinoy Sari Sari store, although I don't know how much it costs because I didn't get to the payment stage before I realised my purse was gone...)
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