April 24th, 2008


Passing things

I passed my driving theory test today, which is rather nice - first go! Missed four out of forty questions, but you're allowed miss five without failing, and two of the misses were things I had looked at earlier in the day, and could even picture the page they were on, but just couldn't remember the exact figure.

My last tutorial of the year is on tomorrow afternoon, which is good (yay for having my study time back!), but also a bit sad - my firsties are a pretty decent lot, and it's been overall a good experience (apart of course from the stress, terror, and that incident where I got locked out of my classroom).

Tonight is the GameSoc AGM, and tomorrow I will no longer be on the committee. Every position is contested, and we have four - count 'em - candidates for Auditor (which myself and another of the guys worked out accounts for between five and ten per cent of our active membership). The voting will be Interesting. I shall keep you posted.
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