April 16th, 2008


Back From Mystery Location

As many, if not most of you already knew, the mystery location was London, and so off we went to see Avenue Q. London was lovely and Avenue Q was everything I'd imagined it to be and more :-D I knew the score pretty well, having listened to it obsessively for several months during a pretty tough phase in 2006, but there are things in the show that I still wasn't expecting. The Bad Idea Bears are adorable! Was very happy that manic_deadpool was equally entertained - was afraid he'd just put up with it for my sake, but I have it on good authority that he also loved it. I'd missed going to musicals, especially since the Point Theatre went out of action (does anybody know if/when they'll be functioning again?). There were ads for shows every three or four feet, some of which I'd love to see (or see again... particularly Phantom).

Apart from Avenue Q, we spent most of the weekend mooching up and down Shaftesbury Avenue poking around shops and eating pies. Oh god, pies; Irish cuisine really missed a trick when it chose potatoes over pastry (yeah, I know they had good reasons). It's a good thing I don't live over there, because I'd definitely be a part of the obesity epidemic within a few months if I did. Mmmmm.
Also, Brian had booked us into an adorable little hotel (with a million flights of stairs) within five minutes of the flagship Paperchase shop - quite by chance, but even so he deserves enormous kudos for this! Unfortunately we didn't find it until an hour or two before we had to leave for the airport, but there was still enough time to buy ridiculous paper. It was all good. Excellent weekend. My only complaint is that it was too short. :-D Must go for three days next time...
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