April 11th, 2008


Adventure Time!

Tonight Brian is spiriting me away to some form of Mystery Location for the weekend - which apparently many of you already know, but still. Yay! Too bad, macd21 - he still hasn't told me where it is, and there's not that much time left before we head to the airport, so I think you may have lost your bet.
Details shall follow!

In other news, my kitteh has been taken off the to vet to be neutered... poor little chick, but it's better in the long run, methinks.

Finally, I am totally in love with Abebooks, and want to have its internet babies. Sooo many hard-to-find books. So much cheaper than Amazon. (One book I was looking at for my thesis was advertised "New and used starting at $169.00!" on Amazon, and was available for seven pounds sterling on Abebooks.) I have ordered a stack of old favourites that I haven't seen since the library in my primary school, most of which cost about 50p. Squeee!
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