April 10th, 2008


Belated post-Vaticon post

Weekend went extremely well. Am very pleased all round. Knackered, but very pleased. :-D
Relatively few hitches, and most of those were minor, apart from the horrendously start (a passing jogger had a heart attack outside the Student Centre and despite the best first-aid efforts of some of our staff and attendees, he didn't make it, which was pretty tragic and shocking for everybody involved). Otherwise it was generally a really good weekend - as predicted!

Highlights, from my perspective:
- More than doubling our attendance of last year (although not quite tripling, as the rumour has been saying), which was great - there was a really nice atmosphere, I thought.
- The pub quiz - it was great fun to run, and apparently the attendees had fun too :-) We were not expecting chants of "Bring back the nuns!" after our abortive linguistics round... Kudos to manic_deadpool and johnciall for being the world's fastest markers, and special thanks to Rick for organising our techy stuff for us. Also well done to my lovely fellow Sisters. The only flaw was getting kicked out of the bar early again... next year things will be different!
- The rubber-sword LRP - I was not there, but I've seen the pictures, and laughed myself sick at them. Looks like it was fun.
- revolover winning the Zombie Apocalypse as me - I was very amused to be the sole surviving committee member at the end of the inaugural game.
- Giant Twister - it worked! I still can't quite believe it... Will have to run in again some time, possibly at the end of term at a coffee morning by the lake, I think.
- The closing ceremony, which we moved to the bar due to an oversight in booking, but which worked really well in that space, I thought. There was no rushing to get out, so everybody got to stick around and have a drink and a chat afterwards rather than hastily cleaning up and getting the hell out to the committee dinner. Also, there was a lovely Portals Cake, kindly supplied by the SO of one of our staffers. All in all very nice. (Was also very pleased that saoili liked the baby VIP tshirt... and impressed that we managed to keep it from John for so long...)

The low point for me had to be first thing on Saturday morning, when I got off the bus and realised that my shoulder bag (which was full of books and clothing and manic_deadpool's remote and worst of all, my glasses) was still on the bus. As of yet it has not been handed in to Dublin Bus lost property, which infuriates me. Curses upon whoever nicked it (and really, why would somebody bother??!)

Finally, the WTF? prize has to go to the Student Centre, for their interesting booking strategy. Last year Vaticon was somewhat bothered and harrassed by the fact that there was a large cycle race taking place on campus, based in the SC, and we hadn't been informed of this fact: all of Sunday our attendees in cars were desperately trying not to run over hordes of people outside, while inside bemused cyclists kept wandering in to Astra Hall and disrupting proceedings. This year, the_evil_lime specifically enquired as to whether there was a bike race going on the same weekend as us, and the answer was no.
So - and I suppose this isn't that surprising - when the committee arrived on Saturday morning, what should be outside the door of the Student Centre, but eighty cyclists, come to register for their race.

They all basically signed up and went off this time, luckily, but still... what are the chances?? How many bike races does this place hold in a year?
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