March 5th, 2008



Wrote a scathing (yet polite) email to Microsoft Customer Support after getting a response to my query over "Why did you delete my 10-year-old email account pls?" The upshot is "No, we're not going to restore anything for you, although we appreciate how inconvenient it is blah blah blah." I namedropped Google and insinuated that they'd need to shape up in the face of some stiff competition, not that that'll win me any brownie points, but it certainly felt good.

Am still quite annoyed about them deleting my Hotmail account - I'd set it up in 1999, and I really have effectively lost almost ten years of correspondence - but am not quite as devastated as I was last week when I found it had been zapped. Such is the way of electronic things... mebbe Gmail Paper wasn't as silly an idea as they were implying. :-P
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Left Behind

I'm somehow getting an impression that the people who wrote the Wikipedia article on the Christian movie Left Behind were not entirely sympathetic to the moviemakers.

Andre Van Heerdon of Cloud Ten Pictures summed up Left Behind: The Movie's chances in the secular marketplace by saying, "I think the success of this film depends on a lot of people going to see it." noted by Bowmanville Zoo's Mike Hackenberger, "Camels sell the look.... As a prop camels are great. You can move 'em around, you can stick 'em there, and you see a camel on sand, you know it's desert."

Critics were generally not positive to the movie, such as the Washington Post's Desson Howe, who described it as "...a blundering cringefest, thanks to unintentionally laughable dialogue, hackneyed writing and uninspired direction. The more this movie tries, the worse it gets. Its sincerity ends up becoming a bulging bull's-eye for rotten-tomato throwers."

I'm almost tempted to see it - have any of you guys been so fortunate?
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