March 4th, 2008


Stephanie Meyer books

Last night I picked up Twilight, which I had bought ages ago and never got around to reading, because I wasn't sleepy yet and thought it might do the trick. I had to force myself to stop reading, and then when I got up this morning and made myself a cup of coffee I found it was half past twelve, the book was finished and I was still in my pyjamas.
I then had to stop by Waterstones on my way through town and pick up New Moon... for study purposes, of course... because I know from experience that the quickest through book crazes, for me, is to just finish them and have done with it.

Really enjoyed Twilight - it had a sort of Point Horror quality to it at the start, which wasn't promising, but it improved a lot - the author really got a good balance of romance and horror. I also really like what she does with the Cullen family. To the best of my knowledge it's something that hasn't been tried much (at all?) with vampire fiction.
Not exactly high literature - those who sneer at Harry Potter will probably sneer at these books, too - but it has the same must-read-more quality that a lot of the huge runaway cult series do, and that's hard to argue with!