February 7th, 2008


Quick update

Kitten-face has been sent to her new home at my granny's house... we'll miss her sadly until Friday night when she comes back to us :-) My granny spends occasional weekends in respite care and so we'll be minding the kitten while she's away, which means those of you who want to see her will still get to do so!

Have been researching Muslim women's blogs for the purposes of my thesis, which is going to be on cyberculture and autobiographical writings by women in the Muslim world. I'm getting the impression I'm going to be very quickly overwhelmed by the vast amount of blogs and things. I'm also gonna need a really good glossary of Arabic terminology...

In other news, while on the bus the other day I started toying with an old idea myself and janey_mac came up with while studying syntax rules and optimality theory in 3rd year - the idea of making a linguistics-based board game - and managed to come up with a vague idea of how it might be work. When I get the chance I'll write up the rules and make a set of counters suitable for play-testing at some coffee morning... There are enough linguists floating around GameSoc nowadays that I think play-testing should be an option. Yes, I'm aware this is the nerdiest thing (of many) that I've ever ventured upon. I think it might work out quite fun though :-)

Tutorial in five mins, gotta go photocopy things...
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