January 31st, 2008


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Warpcon - good fun. There were games and drinking, as advertised, and it was really nice to get to play games with and chat to a few people I vaguely knew but hadn't ever had much conversation with before. In general, I approve.

Am finding the tutorials a touch exhausting... not the preparation, but the actual teaching - so much more talking than I remembered! Got chatting with a determined prescriptivist after today's class, which was quite exhausting too... I didn't manage change his mind, so have Steven Pinker on him in the hopes that it'll do the job. :-P (In fairness to him, he argued quite reasonably - it was a much less headdesky conversation than similar ones have been, and he also seems interested in the classwork, so that's okay.)
Also, it's hard to teach tutorials with the Giant Snowstorm O'Doom raging past your window (literally past - it blew over in about four minutes).

Am now heading back down to the Refresher's Week stand in the student centre, where I imagine there may be further games of Twister...
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