January 23rd, 2008


Let the crappy romance novels begin!

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Right, that's it.

A Challenge, For Those Brave Or Mad Enough To Take It On

Write me a terrible Harlequin-style romance novel, featuring a sexy academic as one of the two main characters. I will personally publish the winning entry - leather-bound and embossed (thanks to the good people at Spectra) - and will throw you a book launch at which you get to read out the steamy scenes.

The Rules:
- Novel must contain academics, of any description, but it's funnier if you stick with your specialty (say, The Landscape Gardening Lecturer's Kidnapped Bride)...
- Novel must attempt to be Mills and Boon-styled, so lots of excess adjectives (gender-appropriate as per the analysis above, please :-D) and "emotional roller-coaster rides".
- Novel must be 10,000 words long. Not good words necessarily, and plagiarism of nature articles is totally encouraged. Hey, it's a fifth of the length they usually require.

First submitted novel to satisfy criteria wins. Go on, have a go...
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