January 21st, 2008


Mills and Boonalicious

This post is in relation to Sea_of_Tethys's post about our prospective romance novel publishing house - I'm having trouble deciding what our genre name should be. The Chick-Literati? Under The Desk? These Hallowed Halls of Learning (How To Seduce The Prince Of A Made-Up Country)?

Also, check out this M&B gem - The Royal House of Cacciatore. As in the delicious "hunter-style" chicken recipe?

In totally unrelated news, I'm back at college today - a nice easy introduction. Didn't have to be in till eleven and the class lasted less than an hour. I foresee things changing fairly soon though.
Went out with sea_of_tethys to drop in (with sushi and cherries - the 21st century version of chicken soup and grapes) on the artist formerly known as ravenmuse, who's been pretty ill lately. Very much intend to drag her out for entertainments when she's a bit better - the poor girl needs some fun. :-S

Finding we had the flat to ourselves last night, myself and manic_deadpool took advantage of the lack of roommate(s) in our usual manner... which is to say we played Guitar Hero III. Boy am I rusty. I foresee a shameful defeat for myself at Warpcon this weekend...
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