January 14th, 2008


Mostly kitteh stuff

Almost unbelievably, I got my two essays in just in time to get marked and entered. This is good! Although I have no intention of letting my work get so behind, next semester. *is determined* This week I'll be mostly in UCD brainstorming thesis stuff, if anybody's planning on being about?

Today, however, is for holiday frivolities... and so I give you kitten pictures!

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She's at that kitten stage where she gets a quick burst of energy after eating and runs around killing imaginary enemies and chasing her tail for fifteen minutes, then falls over and sleeps. We've started letting her run around the house while we're around, and she's met the other cats, with varying degrees of success. Sam hisses at her, while Molly tends to run screaming (despite being four times her size); oddly enough Chippy seems mainly curious about her rather than angry or threatened. Anyway, it won't be a problem for long hopefully!
We are hopeful of getting herself to a new family pretty soon, which will be a bit devastating for us but good for her! She needs to be settled, I think. And hopefully we'll get to visit occasionally... ;-)
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