January 7th, 2008



Kitteh has had her long-overdue trip to the vets, and has been pronounced good and healthy. Her sore eyes are much improved and the mild sniffles she's been having are going to clear up in their own time. She's also had her first round of vaccinations. So all in all a happy kitten (although quite exhausted - I wore her out with lots of Chasing Of Things before we took her out). John the Vet was very taken with her. She's a cutie.

Also with a clean bill of health is the wiring in our house, which was disturbingly close to a serious electrical failure, as we were informed today by Pat the Electrician. The plumbers who put in Steffi's shower (charming lads who also knocked a hole in my wall) really jury-rigged things and didn't bother giving it a fuse of its own. Apparently if the electric shower had been the main family one (getting used four times a day rather than once) we'd have had a fire by now. Nice! All is sorted now, though.
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