January 2nd, 2008


First post

Happy 2008 everybody!

Hmm. Am starting this year with a degree and a kitteh that I did not have 365 days ago. Have made some new alliances and fallen out of touch with some of the old ones. I anticipate attending two weddings and a lot of parties (starting with revolover's one tomorrow evening!), and with a bit of luck another graduation this year. Other than that, I don't dare speculate on what's to come...

Welcomed in the new year first by showing my face at dortilolma's birthday party (seemed delightful but we were definitely causing a space crisis! Her house is very small), then sneaking off to Blanchardstown for a champagne-drenched wineglass-smashing Romanian celebration, which managed to be uncomfortable and confusing and great fun all at once. (They insisted on having me up to dance on the table... I knocked over a lot of wine-bottles but they still received me well, or at least I think so. Nobody except for a couple of polite children spoke a word of English to me or Kitty all night.) Then proceeded out to word_maker and icklephantom's party, arriving in time for hot port and giggling with a bunch of agreeably tipsy people. Got home at 5pm (after only a single drink, which I thought was pretty abstemious...) Very pleasant!

My college semester is finally over, by which I mean the final final date for essays has passed. I think it's with that load finally off my mind that I've managed to throw off my cold, at long last, and my Tetris game has dramatically improved. I'm really, really happy to be done but concerned about the coming semesters given how much of an uphill struggle the Christmas term was, particularly as I may be hard pressed to pass some of my modules... we'll see.

Baby Noeline vacillates between adorablly perky and Evil Kitteh modes. She slept on my pillow last night, and has spent much of the evening clawing the hands off myself and my dad. Such is the nature of kitteh-ness. (Now she's trying to get on my laptopjhnx
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